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What if you could achieve
your goal weight?

With an EASY to follow plan,
and the SUPPORT you need.

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Now you CAN.


Slim Down Jupiter Weight Loss  

We feature the ITG plan to help you meet your health and weight loss goals.the-pearsalls

Our program is a science based protocol. Moderate protein and low carbohydrate intake is the hallmark of our, and your success stories. We will eliminate the typical yo-yo diet trap almost everyone has fallen prey to. Each failed weight loss attempt makes the next diet even harder to achieve due to physiological changes the diet itself produces. We will educate you about the process. Knowledge is power.

NO Gimmicks. NO Dangerous Drugs. NO Surgery.

  • Our 3 steps will help you achieve your goal, and maintain it!
  • 10 years of Doctor supervised weight loss success stories.
  • UNIQUE painless acupuncture support helps eliminate failure.
  • We have helped clients lose from 10 pounds to over 150 pounds!
  • Our true mission is to give you the tools and the knowledge to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
  • Your success is our success. Your loss is our gain!