About Slim Down Jupiter

Linda Pearsall - Director and Head Coach

Linda has been crucial to Slim Down Jupiter's success.
She is a certified exercise trainer and certified motivational coach who has shared her secrets with individuals and corporations. Her combination of 10 years weight loss experience and caring personality make for a winning combination. Linda treats her clients like family.

Linda talks the talk and walks the walk.



Dr Don Pearsall - Medical Director and Co-coach

Dr Don Pearsall graduated from Columbia University premedical program to continue his training at New York Chiropractic College. Dr Don has been a licensed Chiropractic Physician practicing in Jupiter Florida since 1980. Dr Don is also a certified medical acupuncturist.

Along with his wife Linda, the Pearsall family is now focused on sensible weight loss and health management using the ITG Diet Protocol. No DRUGS, no Gimmicks.

Slim Down Jupiter takes a personal approach to each and every dieter.

Linda is head diet coach, and Dr Don assists in coaching dieters and reviewing medical clearance for all dieters. If coordination is needed with other health care providers, Dr Don is there to manage safe adherence to the diet.

Our goal is always safe and effective health management, and lifestyle changes.

We talk the talk, and walk the walk. our motto is “Your loss is our gain”. In other words, quick, safe weight loss allows both the dieter and Slim Down Jupiter to gain the satisfaction that our clients have reached their weight loss goals and have the knowledge and tools to maintain a new healthy lifestyle and outlook.