Success Stories

weight loss successThe ITG program and its coaches have helped many people achieve their healthy-eating and weight loss goals.

From delicious foods to encouraging words, ITG can help you with weight loss through good nutrition.

Below are some inspiring success stories from real ITG program participants:



ITG is the best diet, by far. I feel like I have invested in myself and my health.


"If you’re thinking of starting the ITG Diet, do it. Even if you think you can’t, you can do it. It’s easy and you’ll see pretty quickly that a lot of the temptation and cravings go away."

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I no longer have to take my prescription medication for acid reflux.

acid reflux improvement

"Using free ITG Diet Online Coaching will help me stay on track for my weight and health maintenance goals for years to come!"

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This diet has saved my life!


"My blood results show all my levels are back down to a normal healthy range. After ITG I have more confidence, am happier, and just all over more content with life."

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ITG made my weight loss goals possible because of the wonderful support of my coaches.

no counting calories

"It’s such an easy to follow program. No confusion with macros or counting calories, or feeling uncomfortable trying to work out at the gym."

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My favorite ITG food is the Caramel Nut Bar.


"Throughout my weight loss journey, I’ve learned how to use food as fuel. Learning how to eat right and being accountable to my coach each week has helped me be successful. "

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I would plateau on other diets and then usually quit. With ITG, that didn’t happen!

lose dress sizes

"The people at ITG are awesome, helpful, and always there to answer questions. Their advice and encouragement and the way they treat everyone like family makes the dieting process so much better ."

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I haven't felt this alive for some 20 years!


"Now I can stand in front of my closet and again say “I have no clothes to wear” but this time for a different reason...they are practically all too big for me!"

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Wow. This diet has completely amazed me!


"This journey has been incredibly worth it, the food has been delicious, and I love this happier and healthier version of myself."

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This program is the only program I can honestly say does what it promises!


"Every single week I saw the pounds coming off and most importantly I was not hungry and I did not feel deprived. I felt energized and I felt motivated."

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The selection of ITG foods made it easy to try new items.

lower bmi

"You not only lose weight, but they teach you how to transition back into eating regular foods and how to keep the pounds off."

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All my lab values are in the normal ranges!


"I am happy to say that I went from 211 pounds and a size 22/24 to a size 10/12. This diet has saved my life!"

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The ITG diet completely changed my life for the better!


"I tried changing my diet and exercising in the past, but never really saw significant results."

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We wanted to feel the best on our wedding day!


"Thanks Melita for helping us feel good on such an important day as well as teach us healthy eating habits for our future!"

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I have never felt better!


"I have energy that I never had before, and I even was able to walk 10 miles in a single day – just because I wanted to do it!"

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Thanks to ITG I have been able to get my life back!

lower cholesterol

"Starting the ITG Diet Plan has been the best decision I have ever made. No more cholesterol medication, and I can run circles on the tennis court!"

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I have nearly eliminated all of my health problems!


"With her guidance and encouragement not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I have nearly eliminated all of my health problems just by changing my eating habits!"

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The ITG Diet Plan is not just a diet, but a way of life for us - it has been life changing!


"I feel great, but most importantly, my health has improved tremendously. Our doctors have been amazed with our results."

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I've lost over 30lbs. and feel great!


"My knee replacement surgery was a quick healing process. I learned how protein in my ITG products and whole protein were a huge part of my healing."

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The ITG Diet Plan is easy, effective, and the food is good!


"Without reservation, I highly recommend the ITG Diet Plan to anyone who is interested in getting healthier and losing weight. It works!"

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This is by far the easiest program I've ever done and the food is delicious.


"No other diet has had the lasting results on my weight, my health, and taught me how to eat properly after I reached my goal."

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ITG works and I am living proof!


"After you transition, your body and mind and everything you've learned helps to keep you on the path to being healthier and happier!"

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I was able to consistently lose weight each week until I had met, and then even surpassed my goal weight! 


"After meeting my goal and transitioning I was concerned I'd gain weight on a cruise. I was able to make good food choices and I actually lost a pound on the vacation!"

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I have kept the weight off for over three years!


"ITG is super easy to follow! This program had it all laid out on one simple sheet of paper that made it easy for me to follow. If I did have questions, my ITG Coach was right there to help me."

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ITG made it easy for me to lose weight.


"Being a product of change myself, I know that losing the weight taught me many things, including how to manage it for life, and I work every day to pass that on to others."

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This is a life changing program.


"I lost a total of 31 pounds and 25 1/2 inches eating the products from ITG that I enjoyed!"

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I feel like a 10-year old again.

changed life

"It is a great honor for me to provide this testimonial to the people and organization that helped me in literally changing my life, the ITG Diet Team. My coaches Joe and Tina are amazing, supportive and caring people who make time in their busy day to talk with you and provide encouragement and support along the journey. I managed to lose 52 pounds and 35 inches within 5 months!"

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I have continued to lose weight and every day I am thankful to have found ITG.

Lost 38lbs.

"My favorite things about ITG are having access to ITG coaches, the ease of the meals, and the clear instructions on how to follow the program. It just takes commitment and a willingness to try it."

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I have never felt so confident in my life!

lost dress size

"I lost 33 pounds and went down 4 dress sizes! I no longer need to hide behind baggy clothes and jackets. I walk with my shoulders back and head held high."

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I'm feeling better inside and out! This has been an excellent diet for me!

weekly weight loss

"I have never tried a diet like ITG, one with packaged meals. But, I am motivated. I like most of the meals, love that I can eat meat, salads, their snacks, chips, most vegetables and eat them at work and lose weight."

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My ITG coach helped me change my way of thinking about food.


"I knew I needed to do this for myself, and I felt that the diet plan was easy to follow."

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I wanted to feel sexy again for my wedding.


"It took me 26 weeks, but I lost a total of 53 pounds and 7% body BMI even went down 7.5 points. I actually went down 6 SIZES."

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This is the easiest diet plan I have ever attempted.


"I have reached my desired weight and am maintaining that weight. I recommend all dieters to try it! Looking and feeling amazing!"

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To date, I've lost 38lbs. and my wife lost 23.

diet challenge

"After being away from each other when we reunited we were both amazed. The staff was helpful from day one and continue to check on us. I highly recommend the plan!"

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It is that good!

feel good

"I have heard people say “I never felt so good,” “it changed my life,” “I have more energy now than I have in years,” but I never really believed them. But it is true, the ITG Diet Plan actually does work. It worked for me, and YES it can work for you!"

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With the help of my coach, I was able to change my life.


"As I watched my weight drop, I also watched my blood sugar and blood pressure numbers drop."

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ITG gave me quick results – it worked great.

blood sugar

"I developed back problems and needed surgery, but the doctors said they could not operate until I had my blood sugar A1C lowered and in control. After 3 months on this diet, my blood sugar is in control and my A1C is now 6.2!"

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I still can’t tell you my absolute favorite ITG food product because they are all just so delicious!

greatest diet

"It was laid out for me so that I didn’t have to count calories or enter them into an app. The food was even better; it always kept me full."

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ITG has been such a great surprise; the food is great, the program educational and the coaching is always available.

lost 70lbs.

"The program teaches you how to lose and then to maintain your loss in such ways that you don't feel that you have to deny yourself your favorite foods."

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I would recommend ITG to anyone, especially someone trying to overcome diabetes!

Lost 50lbs.

"I have gone from a size 22 to a size 10 and still have some pounds to go!!! I am totally thrilled with my success so far and really look forward to hitting my goal."

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I have not felt this good in more years than I want to remember.

lost 40lb.s

"Prior to starting the plan I could not walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Now I run up the stairs!"

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We never had any bad effects from the diet and rarely were we hungry.

lost 97lb.s

"It works (and in a timely manner) and so far, for us, not like some other diets we’ve been on before, we are in the “groove’ of what we should and shouldn’t eat and hopefully we’ll stay there."

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Within a year I lost 140 pounds and came off 8 medications.


"I highly recommend this to anyone needing to lose weight, feel better, get off medications and start to enjoy life again. "

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I feel great and my health has improved tremendously!

senior weight gain

"I could not be happier or more thankful that I chose the ITG Diet Plan to help me on my journey to conquer unwanted weight gain in my senior years!"

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I not only look better, but I feel better!


"The ITG diet has taught me a system of eating that optimizes weight loss and balanced nutrition."

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Thanks to God, my wife and my awesome coach, Joe, I have changed my life!


"I have not felt this good in over a decade! I could not be happier and excited with my life change!"

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My doctor took me off my blood pressure medication!

gained weight back

"After losing the weight, my knees no longer hurt and I am more active than I have been in a long time."

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Not only was it very easy to follow, but also the food was delicious and satisfying!


" Plus, having a personal coach to guide and encourage me was reassuring and helped me be successful in reaching my weight loss goal!"

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ITG did all of the nutritional thinking for me.


"I knew I was getting all of the necessary nutrients to stay strong and still lose weight. By following the program, I was also able to learn how to eat smaller portions and be satisfied!"

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My before and after pictures are worth ten thousand words!

amazing weight loss

"Every week on the diet I felt better and better. The more weight I lost, the better I felt. The ITG Diet works!"

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Take Control 

The ITG Diet Plan will show you...

  • How to Eat Right
  • How to Get Healthy
  • How to Feel Better
  • How to Gain Confidence
  • How to Lose Weight

Visit The ITG Science page to learn more or call our offices to learn more today.

Weight Loss Success 

Your weight loss success is our goal. We provide you with the necessary tools to achieve the nutritional balance and weight loss you deserve.

How to...

  • Get Started
  • Contact a Weight Loss Coach
  • Track Your Progress
  • Make a Shopping List
  • Find Recipes





Client Kudos 

A dieter from IL called in today about free shipping and thanked us so much for assisting with her order; she said her friend, another ITG Dieter, referred her and said that we had stellar customer service and he was right.


"I am no longer on ITG as I am living Step 3 and maintaining; but I am following the guidelines I learned. If I ever want to lose more, I know to have zero sugar, low carb, and lots of good lean protein. Now that I have changed my mindset, which ITG Diet helped me do, I will always eat clean and keep moving. Since my weight loss, my physician has cut my blood pressure pills from 20mg to 10mg. If I keep up the good work, I may be off of them all together in the near future." (Dieter from MA)


"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me this morning and answer all my questions. I've been on the ITG Diet for 1 week and lost 6 pounds! I'm thrilled. Even better than the weight loss is the way I feel. I am full of energy, never hungry, not moody and no headaches. ITG Diet gives me the freedom to follow the plan without having to show up for a meeting and be lectured and measured and reprimanded.  I LOVE the food on ITG! The hot chocolate is always going to be in my cupboard even when I'm done with this diet because it is absolutely delicious and doesn't taste like a diet drink; and the Chocolate chip pancake with Walden Farm syrup tastes like I'm cheating for sure.  I'm so grateful for the ITG Diet plan and for you for listening and coaching in a positive, caring manner. Thank you!" (Dieter from RI)


"Good morning! I am currently at 247lbs.  I started at 289 on March 8th.  I've followed all the instructions for Phase 1.  Is this much weight loss okay?  My plan is to make it to 220lbs and begin the next phase. 
Thanks"  (Dieter from VA)


"I love to the chocolate premade shakes... as you can probably tell…I am a chocoholic by my orders Thanks for everything.  Down 36 pounds!!!"  (Dieter from Houston, TX)


"Thank you SO much for getting back to me! Girrrllll, you are right! This diet works SO WELL! I've been on it for 2 weeks and I've lost almost 20lbs! I can't thank you enough for responding so quickly and professionally and for selling a product that WORKS WONDERS! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!"  (Dieter from NY)
"Just a short note to tell you that your ITG Diet products are delicious, nutritious, and affordable.  I enjoy them very much. I feel that this is the best program that I have ever tried."  (Dieter from WI)


"Thank you for not forgetting me. I often order stuff for some friends that I have that are either on the diet or on maintenance with my order so I'm checking with them before placing an order. Thank you so much!" (Dieter from FL)